Regenerate your body with these powerful and practical tips from Dan McDonald…

This short, yet powerful ebook features an exclusive conversation with Dan McDonald from

Dan is a raw foods expert, educator, tissue regeneration specialist and wellness coach. He has produced over 1200 YouTube that feature his teachings on the raw food diet, along with his life’s work in helping individuals reverse chronic disease and rebuild the body naturally with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Let Dan help you gain a deep understanding of how to obtain true healing from the inside out, as he explains the ways raw food work to revitalize every organ and function in the human body.

Among the many topics discussed are:

Where the underlying cause for most disease lies … and how to fix it

— Understanding diet as a means for getting rid of metabolic waste while helping cells function properly

What animal-based foods might produce tissue weaknesses within certain organs

— How Dan made a decision to change his life and “go raw” — in just one day

Why bad foods often serve as personal “drugs” (and a key to becoming free from addictions)

— The raw mindset for cellular regeneration and detoxification

Why green juices build up the immune system much faster than green smoothies

— When exercise can hinder physical healing (and when moderate exercise helps)

How fasting, sense deprivation and physical rest combine to offer a fast path towards wellness

— What possible symptoms of “detox” are common when the body begins eliminating waste on a cellular level

Why a simple raw foods diet is preferred over “gourmet” recipes if trying to heal from disease

And much more!

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If you want to have a deeper understanding of how to get well by consuming raw fruits and vegetables then this ebook is for you.

Dan covers a wide variety of practical topics regarding a raw food diet … without pulling any punches. And he offers valuable tips and insights that have helped thousands of others get motivated to “go raw” and get well.

Highly recommended!

Click here to reserve the Kindle version at Amazon….