About the Living Food Reporter

The Living Food Reporter is a pen name. As writer of the book “Living Food Cures: The Amazing Stories of 11 People Who Beat Serious Disease Using Raw & Whole Foods” … and information publisher of this companion website … this name is easier to remember than my Italian-derived last name (See below).

I’m a raw food enthusiast (mostly anyhow) who became completely entranced by the understanding that what we put into our bodies can have such a tremendous impact on health (and even recovery from serious illness). After researching this topic over a long period of time, I finally decided to write about it. I especially wanted to feature inspiring true stories about individuals who have overcome serious illness and reversed disease … as their bodies healed themselves with the help of a nutritional approach to wellness.

Please Note: My Living Food Reporter penchants are …

A Factual, Pragmatic Approach to the Subjects of Food, Nutrition and Their Impact Upon Health

I like science and empirical facts. There is no doubt in my mind that science supports the ideas I write about when it comes to nutrition and health. That being said, I’m aware that I hold certain biases (as does everyone, including scientists and doctors). I’m also aware that politics plays a huge impact upon what is reported as “scientific” today … whether in official scientific reports, academia and media. While such channels of information are supposed to be “objective” they are not, I assure you.

No “New-Age” Metaphysics or Left-Wing Politics

In other words, this site will NOT be about promoting:

  • Nonsensical eastern metaphysics or mysticism
  • Spiritual foodism
  • Becoming “one” with nature (whatever that is supposed to be)
  • Saving the earth (this doesn’t mean I don’t care about a heathy environment, but I’m not an anti-business environmental activist)
  • “Chicken Little” Al-Gore type hype (“the-sky-is-falling-because-green-house-gases-from-meat-are-going-to-destroy-us)
  • Earth worship
  • PETA animal “rights” activism (which equates the creaturehood of animals with Human Beings)
  • Other occult falshoods, often inter-woven within the content of many other raw food and vegan websites.

If I do happen to recommend a website or resource (because it contains some type of worthy content or product) and it does happen to promote any of these airy-fairy things, then please realize that any recommendation would come in spite of such content, not because of such content.

If you happen to embrace any of the above ideologies/theologies then please know I’m not trying to offend you. It’s just that I don’t share the same worldview as you, and all worldviews can’t be true. After all, if you disagree with what I’ve just written then it’s because you believe my view is wrong (i.e., not true ) … right? I firmly believe, however, that everyone should be treated with respect — even if one’s views are different from mine — I just ask for the same.

I’m an old-fashioned Christian with a “Reformation-based” theology, but this site will not be about “spirituality.” If you are interested in such matters then you may want to read a book I wrote almost a decade ago entitled, “Faith With Reason.” You can download a free copy here .

A Libertarian Embrace of Free-Market Health Care

Even though this site will not be about politics I may supply some information and commentary about political interference in our health care system every now and then because it interacts with what is discussed on this site — wellness. The government also possesses fearsome regulatory power to BAN certain discussions about nutrition and well-being from even taking place (1st Amendment be damned)!

Most of us have control over what we put into our mouths. We need to be responsible for the nutritional choices we make. If our health has been hurt (or enhanced) by our food choices then we need to take responsibility for that as well. In the same way, we should all have a choice to allocate what portions of our resources we want towards the things we consider important, such as health care.

Health care is best left up to free individuals who are freely able to choose between privately competing providers for the services they want in a free market. Anything less will not only destroy our health freedoms, but the entire quality of whatever health care is still available.

As one economist recently put it, “If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s free .”

Health care has become extremely expensive today because of government interference in the free market … not because the free market has failed. Government money ruins anything it touches. For example, the more money the establishment pours into the education system the more it fails. It’s the same way with health care. I may feature updates, links, articles, and videos to inform you how the control freaks in Washington, DC are trying to completely control our health care system … with more socialist, big-government central planning.

If you’re not afraid of what Leviathan is planning for you regarding Health Care (or anything else) then you need to be very , very afraid ! Even though I love to have fun, especially writing about exciting subjects that include food, health and wellness, any topic that involves giving government bureaucrats more control over our lives isn’t a joking matter for any of us! Okay … enough ranting for now.

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Warm Regards,

Living Food Reporter

PS I hope to to serve you with outstanding (rich, true) information. Please contact me anytime at the following email address (simply insert the correct insignia in the address line of your email): MoreInfo AT LivingFoodCures DOT com