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The goal of this blog is to compile unique and excellent (meaning high-quality) information and resources regarding nutrition and health … to save you time from having to go search all over the Internet for this sort of content.

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The Living Foods Blog is currently comprised of the following categories (found on the left side of your screen).

They are as follows (some posts will include material that fits into more than one category):

Living Food in the News — Posts within this section will link to featured news articles on the web regarding the healthful benefits of raw living food.

Living Food Products/Resources — This section includes posts that contain additional information, recommended products, services, websites or other resources that I currently think are good enough to be recommended. (If you think something should be added to this category then please email me at: moreinfo AT LivingFoodCures DOT come)

Living Food Videos — Posts in this section will feature unique and interesting video clips regarding living foods and their impact upon health. There may or may not be “experts” featured on these. The key will be quality of content, not name recognition.

Living Food MP3s — Posts in this category will link to places where you can download audios (in mp3 format) that feature living food experts, healing testimonials or simply great overall information.

Living Food Recipes — Posts inside this section may include individual webpages featuring just one free recipe and/or links to vegan/vegetarian print books & ebooks that you may be interested in knowing about.

No Socialist Health Care — Post in this section will link to information and sites that show socialized medicine is a disaster wherever it’s implemented. Even though it technically provides medical care for “all” there are terrible costs — both human and fiscal. Citizens in countries that have embraced it pay HUGE TAXES, plus their governments still have to PRINT MONEY (inflate/devalue the currency) in order to make it “FREE.” Lastly, those who need care often have to wait (or worse, never get serviced).